Ent Uprising (Taking Back Their Land)

Ent Uprising (Taking Back Their Land)

Lovely shapes and washes Barry.

This is lovely Barry, very successful experiment.

Great idea, beautifully executed. I think nature has been trying to take back my garden.

Was that not the march of the huorns, Barry? The huorns were trees that had become entish or ents that had become treeish. Nobody knows; nobody alive, that is. *smile* Great experiment! Bri

I really like this Barry, the textures and colours are very nice.

Great experimentation Barry, I love the result and those gorgeous colours.

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Another mixed media experiment using watercolour, acrylic inks and Indian ink. I used cling film, salt, splatter and washing out to achieve the texture that I wanted and a variety of implements to make marks. I started of with a forest scene in mind and the idea of the forest claiming back the land came into my mind. The Indian ink trees were standing out which reminded me of the Ents in Lord of the Rings pulling up their roots and walking through the forest.

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Barry Hulme

I started painting in 2004, I am influenced by Wesson, Seago and many of the great masters, more recently I enjoy the work of Steve Hall, John Hoar and Alvaro Castignet to name but a few. I paint in a loose style and try to simplify as I can. The medium I enjoy most is watercolour but dabble with…

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