After Seago

After Seago

Loose and beautiful!! I had tried to paint Wesson style, without much success. It looks easy and simple... but one needs the ability to compress complex into simple for this to work 😊

Love this, Barry, very Seago! Not easy, is it!!!

Thank you Finy, I am also a great Wesson fan and will also mention his work next week. Thank you Thalia, one of the things I must remember to say to them is that although it looks easy it most definitely not.

Very effective and attractive work Barry. Keep it "Barry" and be yourself. You're a fine artist.

Nicely portrayed Barry, yes he was a fabulous artist and there is much to be learnt from his work.

Thank you Jim and Alan I appreciate your comments and don’t worry Jim only copying to illustrate how the best of the past did it and I will be having my own input.

Superb watercolour Barry, your group will have a challenge in their hands.

Thanks Satu I am hoping the challenge will be worth it but I will be careful to explain how difficult it is to achieve good results at first but that this improves with practice.

Lovely painting Barry and a favourite Seago of mine.

Thank you Dennis your comments are very much appreciated especially as I know how much you like Seago’s work.

The water effects are lovely.

I’m a fan of Seago and you Barry, get the best of both worlds in this one.

Thank you Jill and Fiona I can’t take too much credit as Seago did all the hard work.

Your art groups would be proud to have a such good tutor, Barry.

Lovely loose watercolour work Barry, you have caught that lazy/ loose Seago feel so well.

I think that is a common issue with many artists ,especially begginers and I expect your groups will find it enjoyable if not difficult. You’ve obviously got the skills to be brave and bold. I hope you all enjoy loosening up.

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I am a member of two art groups and I have been working with several members in both to improve their watercolour technique. Common to both groups is a tendency to try and paint complex scenes and I have been trying to get them to simplify and look for shapes not detail. Next week I have decided to introduce them to the work of Edward Seago and will use one of his paintings as a project. This is my humble take on one of his works which I will use during next weeks sessions.

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I started painting in 2004, I am influenced by Wesson, Seago and many of the great masters, more recently I enjoy the work of Steve Hall, John Hoar and Alvaro Castignet to name but a few. I paint in a loose style and try to simplify as I can. The medium I enjoy most is watercolour but dabble with…

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