View From the Abbey

View From the Abbey

It certainly has energy Barry and I really like your figures and the reflections. Good colour selection to brighten a wet day painting.

Photo or not, Barry, this one definitely has energy and movement. Your subtle palette is beautifully complemented by your trademark reds. The glare and reflections work a treat and it's architecturally very appealing. Lovely. Bri

Got a beautiful feel and quality a cracker Barry

Great stuff Barry. Love the reflections and buildings.

I saw this first thing and thought that's going up in the top banner gallery (or whatever they call it). And it has, deservedly so. Brilliant wet paving, cracking figures, loose but accurate buildings...the whole bundle. Excellent.

Excellent Barry, with all the people there is certainly movement and the reflections are super.

Love those watery reflections, Barry. Great palette, too!

Thank you all for such lovely comments it really helps to share with other artists and to get feedback.

Barry, I love your street scenes. I’m jealous of the apparent ease in which you get superb results. Love thenreflections on the wet street....smashing. Don’t let Steve see this

This is excellent - you have used the watercolour to perfection.

Thank you Fiona believe me when I say I don’t find them easy. Was out with Steve and the lads tonight on our regular get together and I took this one with me.

Thank you Fiona you are very kind but still a way to go.

An absolute beauty Barry, top work!

An amazing use of watercolour. You make them do things I cant begin to fathom. Well done. Excellent depiction of light and shade and the direction of light.

Fabulous Barry, the reflections and the wet pavement work so well.

Thank you Alan, David and Janet your comments are always appreciated. Believe me David it wasn’t always so, I have gone through much frustration and grinding of teeth in the process of learning to paint with watercolour and still often get it wrong.

I agree with the comments above. This is beautiful.

My type of rainy day scene Barry it’s a beauty

Thank you Sandra and Dermot I do like painting an impression of a rainy day.

Super picture, Barry.

Great painting Barry. I love the energy and colours of the figures.

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial on Saunders Waterford. A view I have painted a couple of times Plein Air but on this wet day a photo had to suffice. However, I did still have a visual memory of the scene which I hope has helped to give the painting more energy.

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