Blues Breakers -for sale


Andy this is absolutely up to your excellent standard of painting seas. The movement and depth of colour tones is exceptional .. well done 😊❤️X🐾

Love everything about this Andrew and especially the transition of shades of blue and the golden light under the crest of the dark blue corner. Beautiful. God bless Andrew 🌈🌈🌈

Thank you, dear Linda, for that really lovely response and feedback! That's great; much love and God bless, 🙂❤️🙏🌊 xxx

Thank you, dear Carole, for that lovely wonderfully affirming response and feedback! much love and God bless, 🙂❤️🙏🌊 xx

This has been a roller-coaster of emotions for me as I created it; once or twice wanting to give up altogether over certain obstacles, but so glad I continued, and really enjoy it now! I hope you do too! Love and God bless, Andy 🙂❤️🙏🌊

A beautiful painting Andrew that shows the power of the sea, that is often sadly misunderstood with tragic results. Your certainly have caught the full turbulence of a big breaker .

Thank you, Paul, that's great; I worked as hydrologist for nine years so I think I understand water well; maybe that's why my water paintings often catch the drama, even the danger, of water (never, ever, step into flood water was drummed into me!) Great feedback! God bless Thank you, dear Gill, for that lovely response and feedback!🙂❤️🙏🌊

Absolutely stunning, Andy. You have caught the reflection of the setting sun perfectly. The force of the water as it crashes its way to the shore. I can almost hear the sound of the pebbles as they jostle against each other, being pulled by thee force of the water. Absolutely beautifully done, Andy. 👏👏🤗❤️xxx

Thank you, dear Jacqueline, for another highly observed and thoughtful, poetic response and feedback! much love and God bless, 🙂❤️🙏🌊

I especially like the comment about the reflections and the jostling pebbles - adds a new depth to the painting, Jacqueline, 🙂❤️🙏🌊 xx

Wonderful sea colours and blends Andrew.

Thank you, dear Carole, for that lovely feedback! Love and God bless, 🙂❤️🙏🌊

Super, love the movement and use of colour, v good.

Thank you, dear Heather, for that focussed feedback! much love and God bless, 🙂❤️🙏🌊

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Breaking surf-wave as the early evening sun starts to set in the West Acrylic on canvas 12 x 16 inches £140

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Andrew Smith

I’ve always loved water, its movement, its colour, its power. I had the privilege of working as a hydrologist for nine years before ordination, necessarily but enjoyably observing the movement of water in full flow or even in floods. That was thirty years ago but my love for moving water has not…

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