Nativity Mary - Gaze of Love

Nativity Mary Gaze of love

This is one of six figures I am creating with the help of a friend with a jig saw, donated plywood and acrylic paint to fit; these are to be arranged in a modified half-shed in St Matthew's churchyard, Donnington, Telford this Thursday morning; it will stay there until Epiphany (6th Jan); I'll post an image when its assembled; if you can't see it for yourself, enjoy this; love and God bless, Andy :)

A very serene image of Mary, good shading and highlights Andrew...

Thank you Linda for those comments peace & love; God bless, Andy xx

A lovely beautification expression and unfussy image Andrew. Look forward to seeing the completed work. God bless.

Thank you dear Carole for your (as always) clear, focused, loving feedback; much appreciated; I have one more figure to post and then the whole scene, after it's assembled this Thursday; peace & much love; God bless, Andy xx

Ongoing very good!

Thank you Heather; peace & love; God bless, Andy x

Absolutely beautiful. A mother's loving gaze as she looks down upon her newborn. Nothing surpasses that love, and you have shown that in Mary's eyes. So delicate, yet so passionate. Well done Andrew, once again. xx

A beautifully captured figure of Mary- can’t wait to see them all together.

'Gaze of love' captured perfectly Andrew, quite moving.

Nice work Andrew and well done. The Blessed Virgin Mary is how we individually imagine her to look, as she lived her earthly life long before pictures. I am so glad that Nativity images are back in our lives. We have a lit up one on our town hall square. God Bless in return.

Thank you Jacqueline, for that really lovely feedback; so affirming!; peace & love; God bless, Andy xx

Thank you Christine; hopefully that should be by the weekend, weather permitting; peace & love; God bless, Andy x

Thank you Russell for that thoughtful feedback; peace & love; God bless, Andy

Thank you Jim; I agree with all of that and that's great to hear! Nothing at all in Telford, sadly, any more; the last one was about seven years ago, peace & love; God bless, Andy

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My fourth figure for a nativity scene for our church, created from donated plywood and acrylic paint

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