Consider the Lilies


I very much wanted this to tie in with our Harvest theme of generosity; it's Jesus comforting encouragement to us to 'Consider the lilies' in all their stunning beauty, not worried over, not strived for, just provided; enjoy a little contemplation in our sadly troubled world just now; love and God bless, Andy

Oh my goodness, Andy. This painting bought a tear to my eye. So much beauty in one simple flower, that is there for all too see. Simplicity but offering hope of new life. xx

Thank you Jacqueline for your response and comments; peace and God bless, Andy x

Great painting and great sentiments ... as it happens my favourite flower

A well executed lily, the complimentary colours used in the background certainly bring the flower to life Andrew x

Thank you for such a lovely message filled with hope Andrew. We’re so busy with our little lives that we do need to stop and actually see the beauty, that effortless nature provides us. Love the dominance of the Lily almost as if it’s looking down at the pebbles as people. Beautifully painted. God bless you too Andrew🌞

Beautiful painting

Thank you for your lovely comments, Heather; mine, too! peace and God bless, Andy x

Thank you for that very thoughtful response; peace and God bless, Andy xx

Thank you Val-Irene; peace and God bless, Andy x

Thank you dear Carole for that lovely detailed response, as always; really appreciated; much love; peace and God bless, Andy xx

Thank you Hilary; peace and God bless, Andy x

Hang on Studio Wall

This is based on Jesus' comforting words when we get anxious, to consider these lovely plants that don't work or strive yet are clothed in beauty; words for today's troubled world! enjoy! Love and God bless, Andy

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