Sunset Falling on the Towers

SUNSET FALLING ON THE TOWERS 12x 16, 25 09 2019 Sold £190 to Jo  (G)

I saw this on the news Andrew, very sad. There is beauty in these old towers and stacks, this is a very striking painting to record their existence.

Thank you Fiona re the painting comment, and yes, I agree, about the towers; years to construct, 8 seconds to erase forever; peace & love; God bless, Andy x

Powerful Andrew - there has always been beauty in industry and you have captured it perfectly here.

Thank you Shaun, and as an ex-civil-engineer I couldn't agree more; peace & love; God bless, Andy

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The Ironbridge Gorge has been graced by four unique cooling towers, coloured to blend into the world heritage landscape; i was amongst the thousands that watched their end yesterday live, not to mention million son TV news; this is my tribute to these beautiful structures before they, literally, bit the dust. Acrylic on mountboard. 12 x16 inches Sept 2019 The original sold almost immediately but 12 x 17 inch giclee prints in 17 x 20 inch white mounts are available, £85 plus p&p, via [email protected]

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I’ve always loved water, its movement, its colour, it’s power. I had the privilege of working as a hydrologist for nine years before ordination, necessarily but enjoyably observing the movement of water in full flow or even in floods. That was thirty years ago but my love for moving water has not…

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