To feed HOW MANY!??.....


I wanted this to reflect the understandable confusion and, I guess, doubt, when Jesus asked his disciples to feed 5000 families, and all they had to work with was one boy's lunch basket; enjoy! Love and God bless, Andy

Always love your salient messages Andrew and this is no exception. Love how the crowds stretch on for miles.

Love this portrayal of the feeding of the 5,000. Colour and movement in the scene is amazing. The stunned look on the face of the man that can't believe he is supposed to feed the people with just the five loaves and two fishes. Beautiful painting, well done Andrew. x

Thank you, dear Carole; as always a lovely affirming piece of feedback; Peace & much love; God bless, Andy 🙂x

Thank you, dear Jacqueline for that great feedback; fantastic! Peace & much love; God bless, Andy 🙂x

Lovely version of a famous Biblical story. Love these Andy as all religious themes. Well and bravely done.

Thank you, Jim; I'm learning so much from working these paintings out! Peace & much love; God bless, Andy 🙂

Very well portrayed Andrew!

Andrew this is so colourful and exciting, portraying Gods message perfectly. I hope you counted the throng of people!!! Well done x

Thank you, dear Linda for that really lovely feedback; that's great! Peace & much love; God bless, Andy 🙂xx Posted by Andrew Smith on Sun 02 Aug 12:54:38

Thank you, Carole (Swingler)! Peace & much love; God bless, Andy 🙂x

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This is a humorous take on the story of the 'Feeding of the 5000', as Jesus tells his disciples to feed these 5000 families with just two small fish and five small rolls! Love and God bless, Andy 🙂

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