God's Hospitality


I wanted this to be something to counter all the negative stuff on mass media about events in the pandemic; a reminder of the simple, ordinary decency of caring for those who are struggling just now, that never reaches our screens or our radios; enjoy! Love and God bless, Andy :)

Beautiful interpretation of his compassion and empathy for the poor and hungry, Andrew. The colours emanate the warmth of his compassion. x

Thank you Jacqueline for you lovely feedback, love & peace; God bless, Andy🙂 x

A great expression of how art can be a conduit for expressing events happening around us. This is a compelling work of art which makes us sit up and consider how we can contribute to society. I admire your skill and humane, contemplation here, Andrew. God bless you also 😇.

How lovely as both a thought and painting, glad you've brought this to our attention (great hands btw)

Thank you dear Heather; for that lovely feedback; the woman's hands are from a photo; as always when I can't get pics of people that I need, it's based on pics of myself, so the near one is mine, although painted to looking even older than my own! peace & love, God bless, Andy 🙂 x

Gods Hospitality in all its meaning conveyed in this lovely composition Andrew, striking colours and tones used very well .. x

Thank you dear Linda; what a lovely comment! peace & love, God bless, Andy 🙂❤️x

I've had some feedback about this asking which is the giver and which is the receiver; I've left that deliberately ambiguous so that neither is seen to be necessarily above or below the other, for that also, I believe is within the generosity of God; enjoy! God bless, Andy :)

Thank you Linda, Jacqueline, Heather and Carole for your lovely feedback not just on the painting but on its' meaning! Keep safe; love and God bless, Andy xx

Hang on Studio Wall

A depiction of my take on the very ordinary, but vital role of generosity to 'Neighbour', especially in the time of a pandemic. now sold

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