Breaking bread at Emmaus

Breaking bread at Emmaus Apr 20 nfs aoc 16x30

Andrew you’ve managed to capture the awe of these disciples beautifully , the colours are warm and reassuring at such a time, especially as we can’t join in the Eucharist at church .. thank you

Thank you Linda; that's great feedback and even better knowing that it's a comfort with all of our churches closed during the pandemic; love and Peace; God bless, Andy x

For those who don't know the lovely Emmaus story, this is my imagining of what it may have been like for two of Jesus' disciples, on Easter Sunday, still struggling with whether they believed the rumours of Jesus' resurrection; it's after their long walk together on which they are joined by a stranger who listens to their understandable doubts and confusion; at the end of the walk they invite him to stay the night; over their meal, the stranger breaks bread, and suddenly the two disciples are, at last, able to look beyond their confusion and doubts about Jesus' resurrection, to finally see who it is that sits across the table from them! Enjoy!

Absolutely beautiful interpretation Andrew. How you captured the look of astonishment on his followers faces as the realisation hits them. Their companion from the walk along the road of Emmaus was really Jesus. 😍😍

Thank you Jacqui; that's lovely, focussed feedback; peace & love; God bless, Andy x

Fabulous and for all the reasons people have said … I also like the perspective

Thank you Heather; love and Peace; God bless 🙂 x

Nearly missed this Andrew. Such a clever portrayal of surprise and fascination at the miraculous unfolding of the event before them. Beautifully painted.

Thank you Carole; love that feedback with real understanding! Fab!; love and Peace; God bless 🙂 x

Lovely to see a nicely done religious theme work Andrew. So many people seem to avoid them.

Thank you Jim; I'm using these for Sunday talks so hope to have one for each Sunday; the next one will be God as Shepherd, which also celebrates key workers; love and Peace; God bless 🙂

There are also several on my timeline, Jim, posted over Holy Week and Easter

Being a devout Christian, my own galleries have many religious topics, Andrew. I love depicting them. There can never be too many stories of the life of Jesus.

Thank you Jim; Ill have a look later; sadly I'm just letting my congregation know of our first COVID-19 case' God bless

Some have asked me about the story of the Emmaus Road and how this fits in: My aim in this painting was to catch the absolute delight as well as shock as the two disciples finally actually look at the 'stranger' who has been with them on the Emmaus Road, from Jerusalem, for a few hours, on the first Easter Sunday afternoon after being too submerged in their own grief and devastation over Jesus' death, and confusion over the report that he had appeared to one of the other disciples, as the very-much-alive Jesus breaks bread, in exactly the same way he had, just three days over the Passover meal that has become for us '(Holy) Communion', or 'The Mass'

Thank you for all your lovely feedback, especially about the woman's response and Jesus' hands; keep safe; keep painting; love and God bless, Andy x

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This is from the end of the lovely Emmaus Road story, from Easter Sunday evening, as two of Jesus' disciples, finally recognize the ‘stranger’ they shared that walk with, as he breaks bread at the start of the meal. Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 30 inches, 25th April '20

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