God so loved the World and George


I started off this painting as an illustration of the Trinity of God in a point in time, after Jesus crucifixion; an artist friend feeding back on an early stage of the painting that the color of the main figures is ambivalent led me to retain that ambivalence to make it as much a focus on God's love for all people, not least George Floyd; God bless, Andy

Absolutely beautiful, Andrew. Portrays the trinity, and Jesus's love for ALL mankind, absolutely spot on. An amazingly outstanding piece of art. Love this Andrew. xx

A very powerful depiction of the Trinity, arresting colour tones used bring a dramatic effect. I particularly like the translucent Dove , great! x

Thank you Jacqueline, you've really got it! Great! peace & love; God bless, Andy x

Thank you Linda, for those lovely detailed comments! I think I was more nervous about drawing the dive than anything! peace & love; God bless, Andy xx

For those who don't know, the Trinity of God is a Christian term coined in the third century to connect the Father, the Son (here crucified) and the Holy Spirit, often portrayed as a dove, as the three 'persons' of the Godhead, in complete harmony, equality and mutual love, bit look outward to the world they created and continue to sustain

What a lovely tribute Andrew. Love everything about this magical painting, which exudes the love of humanity. Brilliant 👍😊

Thank you Caroline, for that really beautiful feedback! Great! peace & love; God bless, Andy xx

Wonderful tribute to all injustice Andrew.

Thank you Carole (Swingler this time); absolutely! peace & love; God bless, Andy x

Thank you for all your lovely comments; this was a really challenging painting on all sorts of levels but worth it in end; the colours are better in the original but that's the limitation of using cameras rather than giclee prints; keep painting; keep safe; love and God bless, Andy x

In case you're wondering, there is a deliberate ambivalence about the colour of the Christ and Father figures; I nearly called the painting 'God so loved George' except that would make no sense of the background; God bless, Andy

For those who don't know the quote that the title comes from, it's from John's Gospel, Chapter 3,vs 16: "God so loved, the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life;" God bless, Andy 🙂

Hang on Studio Wall

For Trinity Sunday, this is my painting of the Trinity of God, reflecting the killing of George Floyd two weeks ago. God bless, Andy Acrylic on Board

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