Wounds of love


Absolutely stunning Andy. Conveys the message of The Resurrection, exactly as Thomas must have seen it. Powerful painting indeed. Well done. x

Gosh, this packs a punch. Fabulous perspective and great storytelling.


Thank you Jacqueline for your great feedback! love and Peace; God bless, Andy x

Thank you Heather for that lovely feedback! love and Peace; God bless, Andy x

Thank you Yoko; love and Peace; God bless, Andy x

Thank you Linda for that feedback! love and Peace; God bless, Andy x

I wanted this to show the willingness of Jesus to be vulnerable to one of his much-loved disciples in the face of Thomas' unbelief

A very emotive painting, executed with care and passion Andrew.

I agree with the previous comments about how powerful this painting is, Andy, and how well-painted... excellent...

Thank you Carole; insightful feedback!; love and Peace; God bless, Andy x

Thank you Jan, for that hugely affirming feedback!; love and Peace; God bless, Andy x

Thank you Barbara; love and Peace; God bless, Andy x

Some who are unfamiliar with this story have asked me about it: It's from a week after the first Easter Sunday; Jesus has appeared to most of his disciples but ('Doubting') Thomas, as we often now call him, had not been there and refused to believe the accounts given by the other disciples unless he could put his hand in the wound in Jesus' side and his fingers in the holes in his wrists torn by the nails; Jesus appears and shows him the wounds; that is enough for Thomas, who then becomes the first person ever to call Jesus explicitly 'My God'; so he is 'Doubting' or 'Believing' Thomas; what do you think? God bless, Andy

Thank you for all your feedback on this painting; it's always feels risky when you paint a well-known scene in a way that others have not, but it seems to have worked well; I particularly value the feedback from those who also found it disturbing because of the explicit nature of the wounds; that was exceptionally generous of you; love and God bless, Andy x.

Hang on Studio Wall

I painted this to illustrate the story of Doubting Thomas, showing what Thomas must have seen when he encountered the risen Jesus shortly after his resurrection

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