Precious Cargo

Precious Cargo

Fabulous Andrea and what a great use of an oblong, everything flows through.

Thank you so much Tessa, very kind of you :- )

Thank you Heather, yes, I was rather drawn to this format, I've been painting a lot of square formatted pieces recently, and I found this oblong shape rather appealing as a contrast. I often find that when I have been painting small, I follow it with something really big, or I do lots of one media followed by another. It's really lovely to have the opportunity to paint some personal pieces too. Happy painting Heather! :- )

Beautiful. Precious indeed.

Thank you for your lovely comment Christine, much appreciated :- )

This is so natural, lovely painting

Thank you Fred, that’s so kind of you. Very much appreciated :- )

Oh yes, this is very endearing Andrea and so natural.

This is superb and what a great family picture. Very unusual angle and setting but great for that.

Love the subject matter and the natural, typical pose of the child Andrea.

Thank you so much Diane. I am so pleased for the very positive feedback about this painting, as it's one of my favourite snaps from the family album and a somewhat more personal piece than some of my recent work. So kind of you to comment :- )

Thank you very much Paul :- ) I dare say I was squeezed in the back seat with most of the other luggage which wouldn't fit in the boot under my feet and beside me too! So I was very lucky the camera was within reach of me at the time. I thought it would make a good photo to remember the moment by. It was only recently I realised it might work as a watercolour painting. Thank you for your lovely compliment :- )

Carole that's such a lovely comment, thank you for taking the time to post it :- )

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'Precious Cargo' Watercolour on paper, 43 x 19 cms One (of at least two) 'slice of life' artworks I am currently painting. Painted from a photo I took one Christmas - quite a while ago. We'd just been visiting relations to introduce them to the new addition in the family, and this is five minutes into the return two hour journey! Being little is exhausting! :- )

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