The Old Orchard, Cranborne Manor

The Cranborne Tree ws

This is very nice.

Thank you Denise (Painful Painter) I’ve just taken a peek at your album and your paintings are delightful, I can’t believe you have only been painting since April! I hope you are enjoying your painting journey. The best advice I was ever given at the start of my art adventure was ‘keep going’. Thank you for everything you did in your former career, I wish you all the very, very best with your new chapter :- ) x

Thank you, that is so very kind of you and I really love painting, I don't know why I have never discovered it before. I will never stop now.

Good for you Denise - that’s what I say too: ‘I couldn’t give up now, even if I wanted to’ Happy painting! x

Wonderful work. I love the undulating ground described with curvy strokes and those variety of colour in the tree trunks The light spots are so effective

This is beautiful Andrea. Almost missed it. Love the way it all flows, shadows, light, branches and the background. Superb work Andrea.

Thank you Diana, that’s extremely kind of you. Thank you for your support, it’s very much appreciated. TBH I wasn’t confident about posting this one, so positive feedback is both a relief and an unexpected surprise! :- )

Thank you for your amazing feedback Carole :- ) I think it rather stretched me to attempt this in a medium I’m not that accomplished in, but I couldn’t see it working in oils and I wanted to include those light spots. So I had a go! (I’m guessing that’s a good way to learn though - by over-stretching! ... unless you are doing yoga etc of course!)


Thank you so much Richard, very much appreciated :- )

Hang on Studio Wall

A second watercolour from last weekend. A couple of Summers ago I visited the gardens at Cranborne Manor, Dorset and this gorgeous tree was in the grounds. The light was stunning and - because I was shooting into the sun to get this image - there were light spots scattered across the tree tops. Although it’s not normally something we would see by eye, I thought it might make an interesting image to try to capture in paint.

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I have always loved art and as a child I would frequently be found drawing the trees in the garden. I first worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in London and Dorset for fifteen years. One of my favourite posts was illustrating natural-history display-boards in watercolour & ink for Dorset…

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