A New Beginning? Juxtaposition challenge.

A New Beginning?   Juxtaposition challenge.

I meant to add that it was Fiona's world that sparked off this idea.

Good thoughts, Alan

Love it Alan. Good job.

I think the planet in a shell must be a juxtaposition Alan. It's a nice colourful drawing anyway and I do like the bits of added clutter on the sand. The little crab, star fish and the little lonely fish in the water wondering what 's going on! Good idea :)

Another good one Alan, this challenge has certainly made us all think. I'm still working on mine!

Nice work, Alan, I have left a comment in the forum. Fiona's work also gave me another idea that includes the world image.

Posted by C Jones on Fri 18 Jan 15:30:32

Good one Alan.

Very good Alan, the shell really works,

Nice one Al....could also mean that the earth is a precious thing?

Yes spot on great idea Alan!

Love your original interpretation Alan.

It certainly is a juxt. and I like Fiona's extra take on it.

Cleverly done, Alan!

Hang on Studio Wall

Instead of calling it the obvious, I've named it A New Beginning? By replacing the round pearl with the world, I think this is juxtaposition.

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