Barns near Milwich.

Barns near Milwich.

Fine sketch Alan to your usual level. Nice work. Envy you off to canal/boat land. I'll look out for your results with interest.

Beautiful composition as usual, Alan. Love your drawing work!

Very pleasant view and a lovely drawing Alan.

Another great sketch Alan

A good charcoal sketch Alan. A medium I never got to grips with!

Great style and distance, Alan. Will look forward to your foray with ink! Have fun!

Don't think your work could ever be 'boring' Alan, look forward to seeing the ink sketches. Post away :)

Another good one Alan. Look forward to the boats.

Great to have these sketches to work from, Alan

Really good again Alan, I like your trees. Good distant view too.

A lovely sketch Alan, you must have a wonderful collection of your sketches

Lovely charcoal sketch once again, love those really dark trees and barn.

Another super sketch Alan.

Loving your sketches Alan. I love charcoal, definitely adds drama to a sketch. Might dig mine out, not used it for ages. 👍🏻

Well these sketches have gone down well, thank you so much. Why not have a try with charcoal?, some of you already have like Rachel, it's a bit messy perhaps, but a delight to draw with.

Another interesting sketch Alan.

It's a treat to see your sketches Alan. They are always very informative.

Hang on Studio Wall

Thin charcoal stick on Grey paper, no white conte this time. Continuing around the same local area, this is yet another sketch that I completed plein air last week. I still have a fair few left, but I won’t bore you with too many more. I love to draw rapidly and spontaneously, and charcoal is such a great medium for these types of sketches. Off to a different venue today, sketching canals, boats, bridges and locks (well I hope there are still a few boats around), and such like with my daughter, so I hope to have something interesting to post on Friday. I’m taking my inks with me for this outing, just as a change from charcoal. I always like to work on a theme, and then develop it further - much easier for me than hopping from one subject to the next without direction!

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