donkey 22x18"

donkey 22x18"

Funny red and blue donkeys. So cute and funny. That's not what you intended it to be. Right? But So good. I like something funny and let me imagin something. Your donkeys are speaking something to us. I think good art can speak. I think to paint something we need technique but not only technique, we need a idea something different from others. You do. These are so good.

Midori, thanks for your comment. Actually the concept here is quite simple. The donkey on the red background with its down-cast and reticent expression is representative of the retreat and appologetic death of Marxism. The one on blue is a comment on Fukuyama's end of history. It's smug expression was designed to illustrate the complacency and decadence of the wests free market experiment. The use of the symbolic donkey in both cases is a two tiered reference to both the oppression of the workers under both systems and the stupidity of the ruling elites 'lions led by donkeys'. That or they're just cute donkeys on primary colours 'cos I know that will sell.

Ade, lad - I think you're being entirely wicked in that comment: a little unkind, as Midori isn't Yoko Ono. However, I think I take your point. I'm not going to get into the deeper political philosophy, which - may I be frank? Of course I may - I don't think was quite the point. I like this one somewhat more than the other, and for entirely non-dialectical reasons. However, you may like to re=examine it in consonance with the theories of Feuerbach, transmuted through the perceptions of Nietzsche as adumbrated by Althusser. And then again, you may not. Since the fact is, as Marx would have told us, it's verfickender Donkey already....

Oh Mr J, you do make me giggle. If there was just one POL user who was going to respond to that diatribe,... though I take issue with the assumed wickedness, it was intended as jocular rather than unkind. As it happens I quite like this one as well. I called it Julius for its confident dominance, its jaw set square again the uncaring world. Hope the IOW is treating you well. L&H Ade. PS: I think adumbrate is an underutilised word. Nice to see it on POL.

You are a wicked lot. He is just one very beautiful donjey and I love him, would love to give him a cuddle.

Funnily enough this one sold to a member of the nobility. I'm not kidding.

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