Mary 22x18"

Mary 22x18"

A mooc-snoot! Splendid things - friend of mine took a rest from painting up on the Downs at Freshwater Bay; fell asleep - and was awakened by one of these just an inch away from her face. Curious, you see..... "are you feeling quite WELL, dear?", sort of thing... You should paint Freshwater Bay - it would be interesting to see what you'd make of a southern landscape, with its somewhat different colouring requirements and softer features. Thanks for your recent good wishes, by the way = I'm a good deal stronger than I was last week; but then, if I wasn't, I'd be dead-ish....

Hi Mate... freshwater bay looks very like Flambourgh head north of Bridlington. Might have a go at some point... keep getting better. R, Ade

LIke this nice perspective

Hang on Studio Wall

Another cow... gallery took another 5 yesterday so need to keep 'em coming. Maybe try a horse next.

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