This composition of three poses works so well. It also gives us all the opportunity to see your skill in painting the faces from all the different angles. I absolutely marvel at the sharpness and detail of your work - the shine on the black coat and the gleam in the eye which is always so full of character. You feel like you really know the dog. Can't praise it enough.

Oh I agree with everything Thea has said....the satiny gleam is just amazing, Julia...your dog portraits in particular are wonderful and I think you have a great future with them!!

Another beautiful painting Julia. What treasures these are.

Agree wholeheartedly with everything Thea, Ruth and Beatrice have said. The gloss on coat is amazing and I love the way you do the three different views. Thank you for your lovely comments on that minx of a cat I painted.

I love this composition giving three beautiful profiles of your super pastels.

Thank you all so much for being so kind. It is really encouraging to receive such positive comments - I always find commissions a little daunting because I am never sure what the owner expects from me!

Beautifully done; could reach out and stroke the dog... as to what clients expect - I think they like to be taken by surprise, in the best possible way, of course. So don't be daunted, because I doubt that they know what they're expecting either!

Full of life just captured them well done!!!!!

Lovely work Julia and such an appealing subject,I am still waiting to see another human portrait as I thought you handled it with such warmth and skill.

Hang on Studio Wall

Commissioned as a 75th birthday present. Pastel on Colourfix. Really enjoyed painting this beautiful little girl.

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