Suffolk Swans

Suffolk Swans

I am rather ignorant as to the types of pastels available ,I have sketched in soft pastel but I don't think I could produce such fine work in that medium, what do you use,besides your skill that is,lovely.

Thank you for your comment William. I have just discovered Cretacolor pastel pencils which are lovely to use, but I have finished the white with a soft pastel stick as that seems to be the only way I can achieve a really bright white. However I do feel I have rather lost the softness of the feathers by doing this.

Not entirely lost, have achieved a lovely 'downy' look...Perhaps the fact that you used the stick pastels over the cretacolor has given a slightly hard edge to some of the feather masses? A really lovely composition and painting, and I think the color of the card was a good choice.

Thank you for the information Julia and for your comments on my painting, I shall look out for the Cretacolor pastel pencils ,but I can't see me posting anything in pastel for a while.

I agree Julia but only with the right hand swan which looks rather ragged. My word what attitude that left hand bird has. Its neck posture speaks a thousand words.

I never work with pastels, but: what a masterpiece is that!!! The composition, the swans, everything is beautiful. Congratulations!

I love the three positions of the swans, what a great composiyion Julia. Very beautiful.

I saw the original of this today and this print doesn't do the painting justice. The colours in the water are amazing and beautiful and the shadow detail on the swan's feathers are wonderful. This print looks absolutely lovely but the original is something else. Really well done, Julia.

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I spent a week in Suffolk recently in a cottage with a river at the end of the garden. These swans came to visit daily and were an absolute delight - along with the kingfishers! Pastel on green card - not quite able to get the colour right here.

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