Three Geese

Three Geese

I really don't think it needs anything more , a lovely pastel, But I'm still looking out for another portrait the last one was so good .

This is beautifully done, Julia. I wouldn't put in a sky: the colour of the paper is enough in my opinion.

Love this! Such a marvellous subject and so well done.

Agree with everyone, you have a wonderful gallery...

Beautiful ! So fresh, the geese stand out so well. No need for a sky.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and advice. I think I will now leave well alone.

A super little pastel, great as it is.

I agree - a really beautiful study, but may I perhaps encourage you to experiment with backgrounds? You don't have to show anyone the results!

No - no sky - it is perfect as it is. This is just lovely, Julia. It would also make a fantastic Christmas card - the fatted goose and all that! The geese are beautifully done, but also my eye is drawn to the grass under their feet which is terrific - lots of texture, but very restrained. Another gem.

Beautiful. I'm with the 'no sky' camp - I think it's fab just as it is!

Another gem indeed, Julia, absolutely superb! It doesn't need anything more, it's great as it is, and even more striking in the original. Well done you!

Just absolutely lovely, Julia, as usual! I agree with Thea, I like it without the sky. The focus on the geese is just right.

NO sky just great as they are they are expertly done merry xmas Julia:)Linda

I am so grateful to you all for taking the time to write your comments. Thank you so much. Happy Christmas to everyone.

HI! I love these geese, glad you aren't going to put the sky in, just as is it's beautiful!

Having a look at your gallery and it is fabulous. Just curious with the geese painting - what size is it and what paper do you prefer for your pastels?

Hang on Studio Wall

Gave myself a break from painting dogs but still stuck with the pastel! Not sure whether I should put in a sky or not?

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