Jersey Cow

Jersey Cow

Thought i recognised it, well done it looks great do you think you will do some more, she has a great selection.

Thanks Tracy. Yes, I probably will, eventually! I did find it harder than I thought but very informative. I don't usually take so much time over my work so it was a useful lesson in mixing and blending the colours.

Beautifully done, Julia. I think the lost edges really add to it and add focus the the bits in sharp focus. Lovely colours as well. I take my hat off to you - I couldn't attempt this in a million years! had the patience of a saint with this one...and it has paid off, a lovely painting. really well done.

Another fine piece of work. Is this pastels?? Hope I get this good one day.

Julia, you have got real talent! Your animals are so good, like here one can feel the softness of the cow's nose.

Hang on Studio Wall

Have just completed Vivien Walters' e-workshop which was most enjoyable but actually more difficult than I anticipated. Hopefully I have learned a lot from this exercise.

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