They're just soooo adorable ....... hope they find good masters who let them be normal dogs!! No doubt will be the case. Lovely painting!

Thanks Avril. Yes, we make sure they are going as pets, as far as we can, and will keep an eye on their progress.

I've only to see a picture like this to go disgustingly sentimental .... the "ah, goo!" moment. Very well drawn, you've caught their vulnerability, slight gawkiness, and the appeal in their eyes. Abandoned? People who abandon animals ought to be throttled with chicken wire: don't think me extreme...

So cuuute! They are adorable, so so well captured! I especially love the one at the end - the eyes are full of hidden mischief!

So very well done. Had i to adopt one of these puppies, i wouldn't know which to choose, they're so sweet!

A great portrait. I sense a little sadness in those eyes, especially the puppy on the right. Hope they will be very happy in their new homes.

Adorable puppies, julia, and so well painted....I know your rescue work is untiring for abandoned animals, and that you are always doing your best to raise awareness of their various plights. It looks as though there will be a happy outcome for these little ones. Well done!

Brought a tear to my eyes.

How adorable! Beautifully done and well up to your usual high standard. Can I claim the one on the left - although all three are gorgeous.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and I'm with you Robert!

Hang on Studio Wall

Couldn't resist painting these little cuties. Three of seven staffie pups at our rescue centre who fortunately all have new homes to go to.

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