Misty & Beanie

Misty & Beanie

May I be the first to offer congratulations on the completion of your first commission! It takes nerve to do it and you have done your usual brilliant job. You can clearly see that both dogs have different personalities - something which is difficult to convey. Everything is just right and I know your friend will be absolutely thrilled to have this wonderful and eduring portrait of her dogs. Really well done!

Wow Julia! this is brilliant. They stand out so well on the dark background and you can feel their whiskers and wet noses.

What a beautiful portrait, a fantastic job. I especially like the white muzzle on Beanie on the right. Well done.

What a lovely piece of work. I particularly like the skin showing near the greyhound's eyes; very difficult to do. I feel the dark line round the other dog's top ear is a bit strong but you've done a superb job on all those folds in the floppy ear. A nice composition too.

absolutely love these two, you have done a superb job and im sure your client will be overjoyed with your effort.

Thank you all so much. I really enjoyed doing this painting but found it extremely stressful as you never know quite what people expect of you! However, it seems to have been a success so that is great. Have learned a lot from this one!

Dear Julia...this is very very good....you have portrayed the characters of the dogs so very well, and so sensitively....Keep on with these pastel portraits, you have a special talent here......!

ditto I can not add anything as I agree with all the above...only that.I'm quite envious of your talent Julia!!

Oh I just love this one

Posted by Ann Hunt on Wed 07 Apr 11:17:01

Congratulations Julia for having this painting chosen for the home page - as I said before it really is excellent. You are a very talented artist.

Many congratulations, Julia, for making THE FRONT PAGE!!! It is a beautiful portrait and richly deserves this recognition.

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I was asked to paint a friend's dogs and decided to try a double portrait. It took me a lot longer than I anticipated and was quite a struggle. Many thanks to Thea and Ruth for their advice and support!

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