What's the record for number of pictures posted in a short period of time?

What's the record for number of pictures posted in a short period of time?

Multiple postings are getting to be the norm. I wonder what the record is?

Can't help but notice one new subscriber to the site has posted 20 painting in 5 days. OK it is within the rules but multi-postings are getting very common, and the site seems to be becoming more of an advertise for free showroom than an appreciation, learning, and sharing site. I just wonder what the record is for the most number of postings in a short period of time?

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I rarely post on here but I do look at other people's pictures because I love art and I want to learn. I have my own online store where I sell my mixed media art and jewellery making supplies. I doubt very much if I have ever had a sale because of being on here so I am not jealous of other artist's uploads etc. "Bring it on". It actually doesn't bother me how many pictures people post because I assumed were part of a group of people who supported each other - artists I mean, not specifically Painters on Line people. But I do think it's sad to read that so many people are upset by the number of uploads. I looked through and really the main thread was ... because my art vanishes too quickly. This is a free platform for us provided very kindly by the magazine so maybe we should be thankful that there is generosity and a genuine willingness to allow us to share our work? If we are all hoping and banking on this platform for sales then that's rather short sighted, but it has given me pleasure to post my few meagre offerings. And something that always makes me smile - if I died today, my art will be out there is the cyberness of it all until the site is cleared out or closed down. Smile people, we are adults here, not children ;)

Being a serial offender and multiple poster myself I would like to comment if I may. Having recently joined this group, and received such positive comments and friendly support it has greatly boosted my confidence in my own drawing and painting. I know I still have a long way to go and I look forward to continuing to work in whatever style I choose without fear of criticism. Because I have come to realise over the past few months that I am doing what I do for my own selfish reasons. I bloody well enjoy doing it. If I produce 12 or 20 drawings a week I look forward to being able to post them here, not because I wish to sell any work or to build up a portfolio, its purely down to that childlike part of me saying “look at me, look what I’ve done”. Why that upsets people is beyond me. The whole point of art is to explore our own perception of shapes places and objects, if it elicits some emotion on the way so much the better. I was rightly or wrongly quite proud of the fact that I had produced so many pictures in such a short time, whether they were good or bad was not an issue to me. Maybe to show more maturity and consideration to others I should start to post less, as less is supposed to be more isn’t it. I have already deleted some of my work off the site and will be more considerate of the venerated ones in the future.

This has aired on the forum on a fair few occasions Tony (as you probably know), so we would only get the same response again. I take your point about posting for commercial interests. I also prefer to see current work rather than someone's portfolio from the past 5 years (God forbid). I can't see this stopping just yet either. If I see four posted works in a row I personally won't comment on any, It's asking a lot to expect me to. There are so many good works to trawl through and give thoughtful comments on, and none of us want to spend all day on the computer.

I should have posted this on the forum rather than a blog....but certainly I am not referring to Jim, where I think it is clear he is posting new works of art, which many of us would miss if they did not appear. I do not think one can say that about a professional artist who posts 4 fully worked up gallery standard paintings every day for 6 consecutive days and shows no sign of stopping. One suspects commercial gain rather than sharing output is the motive in such a case, as this is posting a portfolio, not current output. But it is up to the POL team to make the rules, and 4 a day is the rule so no rules are being broken.

I don't think that anyone is referring to you Jim, I'm certainly not. You spread your work over a day and is not an issue for me. As you quite rightly say, four a day is the rule until told otherwise.

Being in the "offender" class, I have before now posted the max in one day. Usually, I post two, maybe three over the course of the day, mainly because I'm retired and paint/draw very fast, but I never do it all at once. That bugs me when something you put up is chase off the page in a couple of hours by people posting four items all at once. I do whatever the rules say and, right now they say four is okay. If that changes, que sera...

Alan, thanks for letting me know. Hadn't realised that spam was such a problem, I expect the forum is particularly susceptible. Glad to know things in hand, and agree, if the message has already got across there is no point adding to the email burden.

As you say Tony, and as I had previously said, it is being looked into among other issues. Another major headache are the pests who recently posted around 500 (that's a guess) spams. We need a better system of identifying these half-wits. It is not, in my opinion, a particularly good idea to bombard Dawn with the same issues, issues that she and the other editor's are aware of. I feel sure that the message has got across and we can only hope that it is acted upon.

I understand from Dawn Farley (see POL Contact Us) that they are reviewing the site and will take this into consideration. If you feel strongly about the way the site is being used by some people, then I suggest contacting Dawn directly.

79 was the record I saw.

Hello everyone. I have read what everyone has said and agree. The one moan I have is that there are so many paintings in a few days that I find it hard to comment on many of them and in fact have just been through various galleries of work to see what I have missed, especially from members who have been good enough to put comments on mine. It all takes time.

20 and counting if it's the one I think it is!, there are quite a few doing the same at the moment. I have, as I'm sure other's also have, made representation to the management on this very subject. I have been told that the web-site in general MAY be looked at sometime this year. It requires the web designer to implement any tweaks or alterations, it's not just a matter of Dawn clicking on her mouse. Web designers cost money! Any decision will be made by Sally Bulgin, the editor, let's hope that she sees it as we all do. (well, most of us anyway).

Work posted does seem to be swept away within hours now and I remember the chap posting around seventy images in one day which probably was the reason posts were eventually limited to four. Some do indeed use the site to showcase their work and sadly don't seem to join in the community feel that this super site has or even bother to thank us for our comments. It's so busy now, one per day makes sense to me.

Tony I so agree , it was unlimited at one time then came down to four a day . Now because of volume of posters it is still too much. Personally one a day would be adequate , that way they wouldn’t wiz off at such a rapid rate .

I agree Tony, it does seem to be used as a free platform. Its always been 4 a day since I joined a couple of years ago, prior to that, there was no imit. I went back a fair few years and found one chap had posted around 70 in a single day. I was told that this was not uncommon and not a record by a long way.