Susan Rose


Welcome to Susan Rose Art. I am a self taught mature artist with a background in art & design, jewellery design and art history. I have an online store selling jewellery making requirements but my true passion is in creating mostly using mixed media. My art and craft room is floor to ceiling high with papers, paints, dyes, stencils, canvases, textures, cabochons, beads, sparkly bits, threads, fabrics, machines and so much more besides. I create, I love creating. My work comes from my intuition so you are likely to see how my soul views events and situations we find hard to describe in words. Apart from painting I also volunteer with a domestic abuse charity which is based in Tunbridge Wells and having been a victim of domestic abuse myself (in the long and distant past), this subject matter too is sometimes reflected in my work. I also believe in emotional healing through art, maybe you do too? If you want a picture to express how you feel inside - please contact me and by telling me a little about yourself I will do my best to create a peaceful and healing picture for you if I can. Thank you for your time. I hope you find a picture that means something very personal to your soul. Namaste. Sue x