My first go with acrylics

My first go with acrylics

A quick resume of my first experience with acrylic paints

Hi all Following on from my last blog where I said I would share my new experiences with acrylics I decided to bite the bullet today and 'have a go'. I recently enrolled on Glyn Macey's online tutorial workshop and after studying a couple of his demos I decided to tackle his painting of 'Crown Mines'. I watched it through first to get a feel for the subject and thoroughly enjoyed his lively presentation of a subject I've always been a bit wary of. Second run through following the demo I actually stood up to paint! Now this is not me at all. I usually sit in a nice comfy chair while I ponder my next brushstrokes. The speed of the acrylics drying forced me to change my approach completely. I painted in a more animated and fluid way and a lot looser than I normally do. Consequently, half a roll of kitchen roll later, I was done. In just over an hour I'd produced the picture below. I'm quite pleased with the result for a first attempt and my Wife now wants this one framed for our ever expanding gallery. I really enjoyed the experience and I'm now deciding on my next subject. Bye for now. Pete
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That's pretty damn good for a first attempt, if I do say so myself! Great job!

Hi Chris. Thanks for your comment. Actual image size is 16" x 12". Painted on Galeria paper

Great first acrylic does take some getting used but has wonderful qualities. It can be used in so many ways. What size is this? Reasonably large as you said you stood up! Carry on posting your acrylics.

Thanks for your comments Manashree, Paul and Adele. Yes I'll probably have to recycle my paintings as time goes by. For the main part I store them in portfolios, but what I consider to be the best ones end up on the walls!

And it is really lovely Pete. You should be very proud of this. I use open acrylics which take longer to dry and that is because I like to blend and dream! You may end up doing what I do. I make my own frames for my paintings and that has also become a hobby. Then everything goes on all the wall spaces. When we get fed up with the paintings, my husband tells me (bless him) that "we could do with some more paintings, darling, to replace these" Then I gradually replace them and they get given away or taken to charity shops. (He thinks he is living with his own "in house painter"!!) Will look forward to some more of your work Pete.

It is a really nice painting and your wife has made a good choice to frame this one. I'm sure if this continues you will be rapidly running out of wall space

Great efforts.. beautiful textures.. Stay blessed