Chrissie Turner


Chrissie Turner Chrissie came from an artistic background. Encouraged by her father, a talented amateur artist, she attended a pre-foundation course at Harrow Art School in her early teen years but, much to her regret, did not continue and left at just 16. In 2006 Chrissie undertook a Foundation course in Art and Design. She exhibits her work whenever she is able and has exhibited at The Yarrow Gallery in Oundle and The Arts Centre at Stamford. 'Colour is also very important to my work and I attempt to evoke atmosphere by carefully choosing the colours used, often a subject will be explored and painted from differing aspects. When not painting detailed portraits, especially children and pets, I like to experiment and free up my way of working. I have recently discovered creating art work by a method known as Fluid Acrylics or Acrylic Pouring' . Art is a very important part if my life, I am continually endeavouring to advance my knowledge. With art, you never stop learning.