scowthistle and grass

scowthistle and grass

Lovely, nice blend of color and the paint has a good 3d look to it.

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This was my first attempt at oil painting with a knife. As the work was not visible due to a technical issue (i had a + sign in the title!), I have once again submitted it with original text. “The sky was painted four times, the grass and scowthistles also had that many attempts or more. Frustration many a time but at the end, I really found that painting with a knife is far better, more challenging and more fun, than with a brush. This 17" x 21" oil on canvas, is my favourite out of all my artworks as it brings alive the whole field. It has a certain 3D effect and the ambience is divine............................ earlier was in another portfolio which I have closed down, on this site. Comments received then..................: 1 Carole Russell 14 Oct 2008 09:22 It really works - I've tried knife work and you have to be so sure of your moves - I can understand your frustrations but the end result would grace any wall - fab job! love the far off fields in the background! 2. Ruthy Flet 14 Oct 2008 16:35 lovely..........”

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Sunil Mehta

I paint landscapes and abstracts in acrylics, oils and water colours. My favourite style is impasto as it creates beautiful imagery and depth exploiting the richness of the paints thereby producing a pleasing tactile surface. Landscapes convey peace, tranquility and considerable warmth. I often use…

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