Bombay Gymkhana, Mumbai - in the monsoons

Bombay Gymkhana, Mumbai - in the monsoons

The red rooves against that stunning blue sky work so very well together.

I really like how you have created the sky, very atmospheric as if a storm is on the way :-)

Who will be the proud owner of this lovely painting? I expect it will have a prominent position in the Gym.

A very atmospheric painting. You have some lovely work in your portfolio Sunil!

thank you for the kind words and comments. I try to be realistic and there were comments from the family as to why such gloomy dark skies but then, as i said i love clouds and we are in the midst of the monsoon season. The Committee would have preferred to have the cricket screen deleted but then it would have been just a flat painting without that effect given by the screen.

Hang on Studio Wall

This painting was undertaken as a commission (non paying!) for the Gym for their in-house magazine. Those who know the building, which is quite a Mumbai landmark, will realize that I have deleted all those ugly new constructions in the background. I have also created the monsoon effect as we are in the midst of the monsoons. The work is in acrylics with some gels being used for visual effect. Also used were colour pens, and a whitener pen! Size A3 on Canson Montval paper 300 gms. i also did a watercolour but that had a totally different effect and was not selected.

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