Philip Golden


I was born in Dundee Scotland 1961 which makes me around 54 ish. I am mainly self taught although have had college training earlier in my life. Although I have been painting since I left school in the late 70's it's not until recently that I have taken it up again with an endeavour to learn and develop new ideas, styles and with different medium. I hope to add more paintings and drawings to my gallery in the near future I am constantly scribbling and sketching notes and doodles for ideas which hopefully will develop into a completed painting. I work mainly in acrylic but recently have been experimenting with soft/oil pastels charcoal and chalk. I have painted in oils in the past but I get patient with the drying time and the solvents used so I've invested in some water based oil paints and hope to have a go with them quite soon. I look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone and also look forward to any comments offered on my work good or bad it's good to get some honest appraisal and advice.