Step 1

Mask out the blossom and using a No. 6 Round brush paint a watery wash over the whole area using cobalt blue to suggest sky and cadmium yellow pale to suggest leafy areas.


Step 2

When this is dry, paint a layer of leaves using a No. 4 Round brush in a medium spring green colour, leaving the yellow showing through in places.


Step 3

Let this layer dry then paint another layer of leaves using a dark spring green.


Step 4

Leave to dry then rub off the masking fluid and paint the blossom using light red, which gives a natural looking pink colour. The blossom should be painted in layers with a No. 4 Round brush working from light to dark and can be worked wet into wet or wet onto dry or a combination of the two techniques.




This is exclusive additional content to compliment Wendy's second article on painting blossom which features in the 

May 2012 issue of Leisure Painter