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How to paint a Kentish scene in watercolour with Ray Campbell-Smith

Ray Campbell Smith shows how to overcome the shortfalls of photography to create a more pleasing painting.

Painting watercolour landscapes: a tonal landscape demonstration

Learn how to paint a watercolour landscape with this step-by-step tutorial full of helpful tips and advice, by Lesley Linley.

Our ultimate watercolour guide: how to get started with watercolour painting

Not sure where to start with watercolour painting? Let us help you learn how to watercolour with our collection of helpful guides from choosing the best watercolour paper and brushes, to painting a simple watercolour landscape.

How to create aerial and atmospheric perspective in watercolour

Lesley Linley shows how to depict space and atmosphere in your landscape paintings.

Stretching watercolour paper: a step-by-step demonstration

Learn how to stretch watercolour paper with this simple demonstration, along with helpful tips and advice of how to overcome problems when stretching watercolour paper.

Watercolour brushes: how to choose the right paint brush

Learn about the types of watercolour brushes, how to choose a paint brush, how to clean paint brushes and much more, in this watercolour brush guide by Tony Paul.

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