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Watercolour Through The Seasons with Edward Wesson - Spring

The first in a four part series on watercolour through the seasons, written by Edward Wesson in 1962 for The Artist magazine

Paint Rambling Roses in Watercolour

Paint beautiful translucent rambling roses using glazing techniques with Sakura Misumi

How to Paint with Pen, Ink and Watercolour by Claudia Nice

Claudia Nice shows how to use pen, ink and watercolour to paint every day items to place in landscapes, in this extract from her new book - Discover Your World in Pen and Ink

Paint Your Own Watercolour Christmas Cards

Use watercolours to paint your own personalised festive greetings cards.

How to Draw and Paint a Pelargonium in Watercolour

Michael Lakin shows how to paint a botanically accurate watercolour of a beautiful pelargonium.

How to Paint a Simple Landscape - Introduction to Watercolour Painting Part 6

In the final part of the series introducing watercolour painting for the beginner, follow a step-by-step demonstration to paint a simple watercolour landscape. The feature includes all the colour mixing advice you need to complete the…

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