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How to Paint Shadows with Paul Riley

Paul Riley offers advice on using shadows to good effect in your paintings

How to Paint Skies in Watercolour with John Mitchell

In this extract from an article entitled Panoramic Skies, John Mitchell explains the relative merits of various media for painting skies.

Hints & Tips for Watercolour Painting by Nick Poullis

Nick Poullis offers advice on a range of watercolour painting techniques in this extract from The Artist July 2009

How To Use Masking Fluid for Watercolour Painting

Easy to follow advice on using masking fluid in your watercolour paintings. Includes a step-by-step guide, using masking fluid in broad sweeps, to paint a bird in watercolour.

How to Simplify Shapes in Watercolour: Silhouettes and Symmetry

Jake Winkle's series in which he urges you to keep to simple shapes in your watercolour painting

How to Paint Quick and Simple Watercolour Pictures

Make quick and simple watercolour paintings with Hazel Soan

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