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Painting Blues with Jean Haines

In her third occasional article on ways to get more from your watercolour pigments, Jean Haines says that painting with the colour blue and contrasting hot colours is the best way to beat the February blues.

Keep the Sparkle - Masking Techniques for Watercolour Painting

Jane Ward demonstrates three simple masking techniques using fluid, tape and candle wax to help you retain brightness and energy in your paintings.

How to Paint Autumn Leaves

Use sheets of Clingfilm and wet-in-wet washes of your favourite warm colours to produce a study of autumn leaves in watercolour with Rachel McNaughton

Sticking with Watercolour - the New Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Sticks

Soraya French was delighted to test Winsor & Newton’s new Professional Water Colour Sticks, finding this ‘liberating’ product to be a good alternative to pans and tubes

How to Paint an Otter in Watercolour

Learn how to paint a realistic and detailed otter step-by-step in watercolour

How to Paint Simple Figures

Learn how to complete simple figures that will add life to your paintings with Terry Harrison

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