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Qualities of the Watercolour Medium by Rowland Hilder Part 1

Rowland Hilder writes on the meaning of tone and on seeing the subject in terms of simple tone areas, in the first of three articles written for The Artist in 1965.

Painting and Drawing Techniques for Capturing the Essence of a Scene

John Somerscales explains his sketching and painting techniques for capturing the essence of a scene, including plein-air painting tips and a step-by-step demonstration to paint Dunster Castle in watercolour.

How to Paint Foliage for Riverside Scenes

What could be more iconic of a British summer landscape than a sunny river scene? Join Wendy Jelbert on a riverside stroll, as she tackles colour mixing for assorted foliage in this extract from the first in a new series.

Watercolour Through The Seasons with Edward Wesson - Summer

The second part in a series by Edward Wesson which featured in The Artist in 1962, in which Wesson looked at watercolour painting through the seasons.

How to Mix Skin Tones in Watercolour with Tony Paul

Easy-to-follow recipes for mixing fair and dark skin tones, for watercolour portrait paintings.

Paint a Hampshire farm with instructions from Edward Wesson and a demonstration by Steve Hall

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Edward Wesson, probably one of the most influential teachers of watercolour painting of his time. Steve Hall reveals what made the man so special in this month’s issue of The Artist.…

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