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Adrienne Parker tests out Jackson's Handmade Soft Pastels

Adrienne Parker reports on pastels that play a leading role in mixed-media approaches.

Combine Inks and Soft Pastel for Colourful Landscapes with Tim Fisher

In the October issue of Leisure Painter, Tim Fisher shows how to combine inks with soft pastel on different surfaces to create colourful and dramatic landscapes.

Watch Colin Bradley as he paints a hare in pastel

Watch as Colin Bradley uses pastel pencils to produce a stunning portrait of a hare.

Jaxell Extra Fine Artists’ Pastels with Richard Suckling

Richard Suckling finds that Jaxell Extra Fine Artists’ Pastels offer a good spectrum of lightfast colours with good coverage at a very reasonable price.

How to Add Successful Backgrounds to Your Portraits with Heather Harman

Heather Harman discusses the importance of the right background to enhance your portraits of people.

Canson Mi-Teintes Touch Pastel Paper with Les Darlow

Les Darlow is a huge fan of Mi-Teintes Touch pastel paper. Here he introduces you to this paper’s superb textural qualities, and demonstrates how to make the most of them to produce a pastel painting over an acrylic underpainting.

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