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The Call of the Sea by John Patchett

John Patchett, harbour and coastal scenes in pastel.

How to paint a Lakeland barn in pastel with Graham Cox

Graham Cox’s challenge to paint a Lakeland barn and trees in high summer from a photograph using a small selection of pastels and pastel pencils.

How to paint street and market scenes in pastels by John Patchett

Street and Market Scenes

Children at play with Jackie Simmonds

Practical problem solver - children at play

How to paint a flooded spring landscape in pastel with Sheila Goodman

Sheila Goodman demonstrates how she likes to home-in on the landscape to find texture, colour and pattern, which she depicts using soft pastels.

Coral seas in pastel by Graham Painter

Graham Painter describes the methods he has developed of painting in pastels to create luminescence and build compositions using blocks of colour.

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