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Innovative Colour - Robert Dutton uses PanPastel

Robert Dutton unleashes his creativity and takes his work in new directions with PanPastel colours

Creative Colours – Robert Dutton puts Unison Soft Pastels to the test

Robert Dutton puts Unison Soft Pastels to the test and he’s not disappointed with the results – he says the colours are well thought through and the quality consistent

Pastel Bravado - Sennelier pastels, card and brushes

Mary Herbert enjoys the combination of working with Sennelier Extra Soft Pastels on La Carte Pastel Card and finds Le Pastelliste brushes ideal for softening and blending colours.

Handmade Soft Pastels from Jackson's Art Supplies

Robert Dutton tests the impressive range of artist-quality Handmade Soft Pastels from Jackson’s Art Supplies.

Natural Arrangements – How to Paint a Still Life in Pastels

Follow Christine Russell as she takes you through the painting of a traditional still life, from the initial drawing using black pastel pencil on a dark coloured paper to the final flourishes of highlights and cloth.

How to Bring Drama to Your Paintings

Last month Christine Russell demonstrated how to bring more contrast and drama to your paintings through the use of colour and tone. Put the theory into practice this month with the help of this exotic-themed painting

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