Instant Messaging Launches on PaintersOnline!

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Instant Messaging Launches on PaintersOnline!

Keep the conversation going with our new instant messaging facility!


Now, more than ever, is it important to stay in touch and the PaintersOnline community is at the heart of everything we do. So, from today, you can start using our fantastic new instant messaging service to keep the conversation going, share advice with fellow artists privately and help and learn from one another.

To start chatting with fellow artists:

  • Login and follow artists you would like to chat with
  • Visit the chat icon in the top right hand corner if viewing on a desktop, or in menu bar at the bottom if using a mobile or tablet, to start a conversation
  • You will be notified on the site when you get a reply and you will also receive a daily e-mail when you have unread messages, keeping you up-to-date on all the latest from the artists you follow. You have the option to turn the email notification feature off, the chat icon will have a small red symbol to show when a message has been sent to you.

Our instant messaging service has been designed not only to help you communicate with each other, but also allow Painters Online to update you on important notices and new features as they happen.

Below is a short video to help you along the way: 

And for all the technical steps and guidance on how to change your notifications from our instant messaging service and to learn more, please click here.


Two things, I tried to delete one message but realised that the delete option clears everything. Is it not possible to delete individually? Also to see someone’s comment yo7 need to follow them. If you’re not already, you have to go out of this, find the artist, select a painting, then opt to follow them ,then return to this. That’s a bit of a pain, would it be possible to add a’follow’ option next to the person posting?

Hi Tessa. This new functionality will create the alerts you used to receive when an artist you followed added something new to the site. It also has the added value that you can chat privately with artists you follow too. The chat facility means it's all live rather than waiting for an email to arrive and be responded to. Hope you like it! Dawn

Just playing devil’s advocate, what does this give us that we don’t already have? We can follow and be followed, and we can contact another artist if desired.

Skylar --I can type but my tablet has a mind of its own and even moves my chosen letters around to wrong parts of sentence

i like this new feature. But I'm not a good typist!!

This sounds good I’ve often thought of sending a message too an individual, this should make it easier.

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