Angel Hill Early Morning


It looks great Rachel.

Love all that thick impasto and brushwork

Well done Rachel in all respects!

Great impasto work and a lively street scene painted so vigorously Rachel.

Beautiful Rachel 😍

Very good Rachel, has a real feeling of depth.

Thank you all for such lovely comments :-)))

A good result Rachel! These aren’t easy, particularly plein air using the direct approach. It can all get a bit thick and sticky! Easier in the studio building up in layers, obviously the indirect method… you’re very brave and keep going… I’m assuming that you’re not standing in the middle of the road!

You’ve got guts Rachel and a wonderful attitude…’s terrific what you are doing. Love that thick paint…..mind you, it will take an age to dry! 😂

I am drawn back to look at this ,I think if the early impressionist were alive today it's what they would be doing.

These are such encouraging comments and Thank-you- that’s a good point Alan 🥴🥴 the painting suggests I could be 😂😂😂 Thanks again for such encouragement

Lovely work Rachel.

Has a life and energy about it which I believe comes from working directly from the scene

What a lovely name for a hill! Also a great and inspiring painting. I admire your get up and go! It takes some doing.

Thank you for such kind comments Diane, Martin and Sarah, yes! it was certainly interesting painting it Coral!

Love this loose style of painting- very effective Rachel.

I'm loving the energy and texture in your brushstrokes.

Super painterly style, Rachel.

Hang on Studio Wall

Continuing having a go at street scenes - a busy part of town, lots of activity, and quite daunting!! and it certainly does makes you work! It’s a good exercise, as it really gets me way out of my comfort zone, but am really enjoying them. But must remember to take Cad Red next time for the traffic lights……

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