Full Moon setting


Very nicely done 😌

That’s beautiful Rachel.

Keep doing what you’re doing Rachel, always excellent results.

Liking your limited palette work - by the way, try Cad Red deep with Cobalt Blue one of these days: being rather less inclined to purple than Ultramarine, it produces beautiful greys. Right up your street, I would have thought. Liking the thick paint, too - cruel to starve our brushes!

Good painting Rachel

Thankyou Stephen, Emma and Fiona- really lovely comments, and Robert thank you for the tip- and the compliment, I will certainly try it- as am trying to improve my greys.

Super! I was looking at the moon tonight and thinking it deserves to be painted! Might have a go.

Yes, grey can play such an important roll, and there are so many ways to mix them… keep a test sheet handy and refer to them, that’s what I do! Anyway, a cracking job done here on a tricky subject Rachel!

Thank you so much Sarah, Alan and Coral - And that’s a really good idea Alan, Thank you, will borrow it if you don’t mind - I feel there often to much colour in my work and it could do with toning back.

Vermilion and any of the blues, plus white of course, make a lovely range of greys Rachel…..one of my favourite mixes.

Beautiful result Rachel, interesting to read the comments regarding the greys too!

Thank you Sarah, Spencer and Fiona for the tip- will be doing lots of experimenting!

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted with a limited palette of Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow light and Cad Red Deep. Am trying to do a little painting most days with a focus: ie limited Palette, as since Christmas / New year it’s been so difficult to get back into it. Am not worrying at all about the result, just enjoying the process.

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