Lowry style collage

Lowry style collage

Rainy? You are lucky not to have snow! Well this paid off, the weather is making you very creative Christine.

Christine, I really liked the painting but this is even better. You have achieved so much detail and a sense of recession - it is a lovely, lively little picture.

Thank you Carole and Julie, I don't feel so guilty about all those magazines I buy when I recycle them in this way, although it has to be said this collage didn't use a lot of paper! The snow didn't reach the south coast this time round Carole, hope you weren't too badly affected.

Hi Christine thanks so much for your lovely comment on my first ever ACEO artwork, the pastel cat, I am pleased you like it, it's a complete new one for me but I really enjoyed it, you are right of course getting those details into a tiny area is not easy but worth persevering with it, I find miniatures fascinating and I will be doing more x

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I am enjoying a 'collage' phase at the moment and this is an interpretation of a recent acrylic painting. It is quite small, 5"x 7" so a bit fiddley to do but it helped pass a few rainy afternoons!

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