A prickly pair

A prickly pair

This is so clever and so cute, Christine. I love it.

agreed, what a super eyecatching piece Christine

Super collage - I love it!

Best of your collage collection Christine. The spiky parts of the dandelion compliment the hedgehog spikes perfectly!

Superb use of the collage pieces Christine. You have really found a niche here - it just gets better and better!!

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments!

Clever collage Christine, this is so good!

The snail and all! Super stuff Christine!!

Very cute

Posted by K 0 on Thu 06 Mar 10:32:45

This is great Christine, it really makes me want to have a go, looks like so much fun!

You're my inspiration, Christine! Every piece of mixed media work you do makes me aspire to get better at my new hobby, and this is no exception. So absolutely delightful, even if you have a snail in it!

Thank you Gudrun, Carole, Satu, Kevin, Fiona and Seok, I really appreciate your comments.

Lovely piece Christine - even plus snail - but no gnomes?

Thought the snail was a great touch Christine, I do still miss them they were 'such fun'!

Lovely scene so colourfully and skilfully depicted . It's excellent.

Just brilliant!

So many lovely comments! Thank you Michael, Debs, Avril and Val.

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