One Line Seagull

One Line Seagull

It works Christine. You should throw that rubber away, seriously! I find that if we're too careful, adjusting and erasing, the spontaneity and liveliness is sometimes lost. It depends what you want out of a drawing but I prefer the wobbly line, inaccurate way every time!

I agree with you Christine and Louise, it is liberating to throw away the eraser, I find I faff about a lot and then over work pictures all the time. I love The seagull/Dodo !!

Gorgeous Dodogull Christine!! He is standing so proud and adorable at the same time. Erasers in the bin and long live the one line!

Now, you can't tell me this this seagull doesn't have oodles more charm than one that has been drawn 'properly'. It is superb and I could see this on the front of a posh greetings card.

Thank you Louise, Debs, Satu and Thea. I'm pleased to have discovered a new bird species! I am going to draw in pen from now on, I really like the quirky outcomes!

I can just imagine him grabbing a sandwich from my hand -

Brill. Michael mentioning a sandwich has made me remember I need lunch!

You're hilarious, Christine! I think it's brilliant - it has all the hallmarks of your work - charming, individual and uplifting. I love it!

These are so good you all put me to shame! They are also quite humorous, made me smile Christine

I love him! He's great Christine! A proper character :)

Thank you Satu, Michael, Gudrun, Seok, Carole and Sarah. Those of you who haven't tried this, give it a go, it's fun and quite liberating!

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If I was to draw this in the conventional way with a pencil I would spend quite a lot of time adjusting and erasing. I find drawing in pen and in one continous line quite liberating and I quite like the quirky effect although, it has to be said, it looks more like a Dodo than a Seagull!

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