White Collar Worker Bees

White Collar Worker Bees

Haha, I love these workers, glad they woke you in the night!

Do they work in the buildings behind? Are they high flyers? Will they get a high rise? Worth waking up for!

Real little characters Christine. It's all there, even an umbrella. Love it!

It was me once - striped trousers, furled brolley and a silk handkerchief in the top pocket! Oh yes - and a brief case - which is now my art pochard box. But no - I didn't wear a bowler!!!

Thank you Carole, Michael and Louise For your comments. I bet you're glad you don't have to dress up like that anymore Michael! My younger son works at Canary Wharf, we sometimes meet him for lunch and the whole place reminds me of a bee hive, everyone rushing and bustling around in that awful underground shopping complex. I will imagine them all in black and yellow stripes next time I go!

Very clever Christine! High flyers indeed ( from Michael)! I love all the funny comments, it's like the time with snails.

Busy little bees working away like mad, nice one !!!

A great moment it was Christine, extremely clever.

Made me smile, Christine - a great idea! It is funny how a theme starts and your mind starts to run with it. I have only managed a very pathetic one which is too dire to post, I'm afraid. I'll try again.

This is super, Christine! I especially like the one with the mask - looks like a burglar, and quite appropriate for a Wall Street settting!

They get ever more complex Christine

How on earth do you think these up :) Another gud un Christine, I see one hasn't ventured too far without his brolly.

LOL ,good one christine.

You are coming up with some cracking ideas for this Chistine!

Hang on Studio Wall

I thought I'd exhausted the subject but had a eureka moment in the middle of the night!

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