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A lovely painting Brian , I have seen several photos and painting over the years ,and watched with interest as these two lovely boats , there were three have deteriorated. I like how you have depicted then and the state of decay.

Lovely work, Brian. These old boats have great charm, and a sense of untold tales about them. Beautifully drawn and painted.

Super boats and great depth and distance here Brian.

Aww lovely pair. Lovely painting

Lovely duo Brian, really nicely observed and painted

Lovely painting of boats

Like you Paul I find a certain beauty in the way things deteriorate and as Lewis says it makes you wonder about their past. Thank you for your generous & encouraging comments Carole, Faye, Heather & Christine.

Lovely evocative work, Brian

Great subject beautifully painted, always nice to see someone rendering boat hulls well.

Wonderful characterful painting of these old guys Brian, is that a tree sapling growing on one of the boats?

Beautifully painted with great charm!

Really super painting.

Thank you Thalia, I appreciate that. Cheers Paul, having seen how you render boats I regard that as a great compliment. Yes Fiona, it is a sapling. It shows just how long these boats have been idle. Thank you so much Anne, anne & David.

Beautiful painting, well observed

Thanks for your comments Romila & Judith.


Posted by Sue Mann on Sat 06 Nov 17:59:53
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A pair of old working boats put out to pasture.

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