In Essex University grounds


Like this a lot - a place with great atmosphere.

I like this too!

Yes this is lovely,beautifully painted

Thank you for the positive comments Heather, David and Anne.

Beautiful painting

Love this painting and the atmosphere around it. Did you crumple up the credit cards and make them into rocks?

In answer to your question Sunil, no, I didn’t crumple up my credit card for the rocks. I painted a fairly thick mix of a grey colour onto the area where I wanted the rocks, then with an old credit card I used the edge of it to push the paint into rock shapes that are shown on the bottom left hand corner. Try it and see. It’s fun!

Hang on Studio Wall

Mixed media watercolour. Using coloured pencils, acrylic ink, credit card (rocks) and a stick (grasses).

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Vicky Rosenthal

Although I went to art college in my teens it would be a good many years before I had the time to start painting again and of course things had changed a lot in that time. I mostly taught myself watercolour from books and demonstrations and have since gone on many courses. My first love is…

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