‘Deepwater’ on the Thames


A super piece. Love the brushwork, and the excellent use of textures, shapes and lights.

This is excellent Justin, just love a boat picture and this is done so well.

Really good Justin, those reflections are excellent

Excellent work once again, you have caught dilapidated state of the vessel very well.

That’s beautiful. I’m looking at oils through different eyes now

You've caught the light perfectly - the way it hits different surfaces, and reflects from water.

Thanks for the comments everyone, I took a series of photos of this boat and first painted it probably two years ago with two or three other boat pictures and then I was really pleased with the progress I felt I had made. At this time I think I have learned a lot more about composition and mixing the colours and using underpainting so feel I’m doing a more ‘painterly’ job. I’m trying to learn the correct methods and looking at a lot of books and there are some great YouTube things as well so I can take what I want from all that and then find my own way. I usually only paint in oils in the summer because the fumes in winter made me poorly, now I use Sansodor it’s a lot easier and I aim to use them more all year they are just so lovely compared to acrylic that dries so fast even with extenders, also not stretching the canvas means they are as easy to store as my ink & stuff pictures.

Sansodor is good, i use it, and Zest-it has a similarly good name. I like the painting and hope you don't succumb to my Achilles heel of overworking something that should be left, but everyone to his own.

Lovely work👏👏👏

Hang on Studio Wall

I think this one is pretty much done now. Oil on unstretched 50x50cm canvas, a little more tweaking in a day or so maybe

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